Dr. Julian
Dr. Julian Cauceglia holds Doctorates in Psychology and  
Clinical Hypnotherapy, and is the author of many books and  
articles on the subject of  Hypnosis, including The Power  
Within, Make-Up Their Mind, and Making Horses Drink. A  
bonafide expert on the subject, his articles frequently appear  
in national as well as international publications, and his  
lectures, seminars and classes are attended by thousands  
throughout the world. In addition to Dr. Julian's extensive  
experience and education in Hypnosis, he is also a renowned  
Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainer and specialist. The  
techniques of influence and persuasion which he developed  
know as "Mind AestheticsĀ®" are practiced throughout the  

Currently, Dr. Julian maintains his practice in Southwest  
Florida while lecturing, teaching and performing throughout  
the country. Dr. Julian is a Master Hypnotist,  certified a   
Clinical Hypnotherapist by the National Guild of Hypnotists,  
and Board Certified by the AAMA (American Alternative Medical  
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