The Magic
Once you are certain that you are in rapport, the real magic behind Mind  
Aesthetics® begins. We are now ready to take the next step in our carefully  
choreographed dance of persuasion, the next phase in the application of Mind  
Aesthetics®: that of reaching our desired goal of persuading and influencing the  
client and, more importantly, making them feel beautiful inside.
Now that we have established rapport with the client, we have entered  
the client’s world. They trust us. We are, so to speak, inside the client’s head.  
When we are inside the client’s head in this way, we have a tremendous power  
in our ability to influence them. That trust, that rapport, gives us the power to  
make them happy or sad. To make them calm or nervous. To make them want  
to come back in the future. To make them want to send others to see us. Even to  
make them want to purchase products and services. In short, once we have  
entered the client’s reality through the building of rapport we have the power to  
make them feel beautiful inside as well as out. All of the power of influence and  
suggestion that we now have over the client can only lead to one thing; by  
properly exercising our power to make the client feel beautiful inside, we are  
really exercising our power over our own ability to become better at what we do  
and to improve the quality of our services to the client. The improvement in us,  
as well as the improvement in our services, cause both to become more  
valuable to the client, and more valuable services mean bigger profits, and more  
money in our pocket.      
To do this, we simply lead the client from where they are to where we  
want them to be. If we have followed all of the other steps this is easy, because it  
is simply a matter of once again reversing the mirroring and matching process.  
Now that we are in deep rapport, they will follow us in the same way we have  
been pacing them: psychological reciprocity.
Additionally, people in rapport actually enter a light state of hypnosis, and  
consequently are more suggestible. Once we have established rapport with the  
client, they will be more susceptible to our suggestions, and the more  
susceptible they are to our suggestions, the stronger and deeper the rapport will  
become. In fact, the stronger and deeper the rapport, the more susceptible to  
suggestion the client will become. Thus, once we are in deep rapport it is merely  
a matter of telling the client exactly how they should feel, and they will generally  
accept all suggestions.
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