The first step in client interaction is to establish rapport. The word “rapport” is  
French, literally meaning, “to bring or offer back”, (you will see the how  
appropriate that becomes when we discuss Mirroring and Matching). The  
French use the word most often in the expression, “en rapport avec”, which can  
be translated as “to be in connection with someone.” For our purposes we  
explain rapport as meaning the quality of trust, agreement and cooperation  
resulting in a reciprocal acceptance that occurs between individuals, enabling  
them to relate to and communicate perfectly with each other. We might further  
define rapport as a state of harmony and recognition between people, an  
acceptance and mutual understanding that results in a sense of ease and  
comfort. Congruency. It occurs naturally when people are in “sync” or in “tune”  
with each other, such as when they share common interests. However, rapport  
does not always occur spontaneously or naturally. When it does not exist  
naturally, it can be developed by one person entering the other’s reality and  
communicating with them on their level.  
In understanding rapport it is important to realize that each person builds  
their own unique map of the world. Everything they do, feel, think or experience,  
every decision they ever make, every conclusion they ever draw is based  
entirely on their map, rather than the world itself. Their map becomes their  
perspective of the world, and everything they perceive and understand is based  
on and skewed by their perception of the world. This becomes their reality.  
Rapport can exist only where a sharing of that reality is present between  
individuals. Thus we must identify the client’s reality, understand it, and enter it.  
Everyone has been in rapport at one time or another. We have all had the  
experience of interacting with someone and leaving them feeling good and very  
positive. Losing all track of the time while we were together. Becoming so  
absorbed and immersed in the moment and the conversation that we may even  
forget for a moment where we are. Then, when we part, we leave with the feeling  
that the person is really special, perhaps even thinking “what a great person,”  
and feeling that we were pretty special too. That is rapport. When you are talking  
with someone, a spouse, a co-worker, a friend, and you are in rapport, you may  
open your mouth to speak at the same moment, maybe even to say exactly the  
same thing. This is rapport too. Rapport is an essential element of all effective  

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